“Au-mazing gift: A journey to autism acceptance” IS AVAILABLE NOW

Autism is an “au-mazing” gift, not curse. In this short read, Dr. Alisha Griffith takes us on her personal quest for truth and acceptance that led her to shift her mindset to embrace positivity and beauty in Zachary, her child with Autism, and to live a fulfilled life. In this second edition, she goes further in depth with various circumstances and encounter that you may face. She included questions and worksheets to coach you through your journey. Dr. “Ali” shares 10 things that mothers need to successfully move toward acceptance of autism.

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I loved this book from start to finish!

This book is a must read for all educators, therapists, physicians, and all professionals who work with children with autism on a daily basis. I would also recommend this book to anyone not familiar with autism. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as Dr. Griffith lets you into her world from both a perspective of a parent and a professional. I myself am a speech language pathologist, and this book was truly "Au-mazing". I will definitely be recommending this book to parents and professionals.

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An inspiring and heart-warming story of a mom and her son living with Autism

Au-Mazing Gift is written by Dr. Alisha Griffith and is an account of the journey she and her son face together since their diagnosis of Autism. It is written in a beautiful, passionate, honest and uplifting manner. The book speaks of challenges that need to be and are met, but along with these, are meaningful and practical tools and strategies that enhance both their lives. Zachary is a happy ten year old whose smile lights up a room. Through Dr. Griffith's writing, the reader is surrounded by joy, hope, understanding and anticipation of a bright and awesome future for Zachary. Words are so powerful! The term abled "differently" is so much more encouraging than disabled. References to a child as being an "au-mazing gift" shows acceptance, love and a home atmosphere that leads to success and high self-esteem. I recommend this book for a heart-warming story that's also filled with education regarding the differences and uniqueness of those on the spectrum. Education is so needed by society to make a better and a more understanding and accepting world for us all.

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This book's energy is sooo positive!

There is no better way to give advice than to have had the experience yourself. This book reads on a parent to parent level and gives such positive energy for every scenario. This book is beyond its purpose. I look forward to applying Dr. Alisha's positive attitude to my everyday life.

Harry Bey
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Must Read!!!!!

This book helps ignite my mind to view autism in a different perspective on acceptance! She gives you valuable tools to allow you to grow right along with your au-mazing gift. These tools empower to ask questions, advocate and most of all allowing your child on the spectrum to be themselves as an individual! After all we all are unique in our own special way! That what makes you who you are as an individual! I recommend this book to educators, therapeutic specialist, administration, family and friends of these au-mazing gifts!

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Wonderful Book!

This book is a great read and gives you insight on parenting a child on the autism spectrum. I would recommend this book to everyone.

Big Glide
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Must Read

Au-mazing from start to finish. Relatable and Inspiring. Excellent for parents, educators and anyone going through the process of acceptance. Beautifully written. Beautiful story.

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